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Welcome to the homepage of the CateWalker Prototype

We have been developing the CateWalker since 2006 for one reason: We want to have it mobile with the best quality possible and no need for "wheels" or plugs. The CateWalker is the first and only machine, based on our own patent, to brew FRESH espresso anywhere and right in front of your eyes.

First thought might be "What do I need this for?". Well, there is no "need" to be honest, but there is a SERVICE that is unique. Imagine... standing in a cue at the airport, waiting to check in. A CateWalker is passing by, offering a hot espresso with perfect crema and taste. Wouldn't you like this?

There is nothing comparable worldwide except of some espresso bikes or cars. Their problem is, that they need to park their construction to sell coffee. The CateWalker doesn't have this problem, because he can go anywhere were his feet can walk. There is absolutely no place on earth the CateWalker couldn't serve fresh brewed espresso... except under water.

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So far we have paused the development because the next step is to find investors to make this prototype a scaleable and serial product. We invite you to be part of this in advance, so that we probably can roll out the serial version in many countries of the world. This is an option for anyone who is willing and keen on beeing part of the best coffee service you can imagine. We welcome you warmly to the world of CateWalker.

By the way... we bet you know that already... CateWalker is the combination of the words "Catering" and "Walker". We have much more products in our pipeline for mobile catering, but at the beginning, Espresso is the most difficult product but with the smartest and emotional effect.

Yours sincerely,