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Does the world need CateWalker?

Imagine... you are in the stadium ,watching your favourite team. You are the driver that day for your friends. Wouldn't you have joy if someone comes up with a CateWalker, offering a hot coffee right where you are seated in the best quality you have ever experienced?

Imagine... you lying at the beach... visiting a tourist hot-spot... playing a round of golf... walking through the high street... and so on. This is the vision we have! Our goal is to transport "to go" to the next level: TO YOU!

Decide for yourself if there is a need for service and perfect quality!

What happened the last years since 2006?
We have not only managed it to create a worldwide unique patent that enables the whole thing to work. We have also build several prototypes you can see in the galery below. One was made for design reasons, the other one to proof the concept and to check the technical ability. The result is that we have prooved ALL functions we had in mind when we started. All you can see are typically "garage products", so we have build these prototypes with our own hands and sometimes on our livingroom tables. To be honest, we are proud we did it up to this point without any help.

What is next?
To make this "garage" development a scaleable, secure and safe product, we need to move the manufacturing into professional hands. These hands unfortunately aren't moving without having cash in advance. To design and build a serial product like this and to make sure, that nothing ever happens to the ones using this machine (remember, fresh brewing of espresso means to handle water with 93°C that is pumped with 15bar through coffee powder), a minimum financial volume of about 300.000€ is needed for installing a serial production and the first 10 units of the CateWalker. The good thing about this way to do it is, that the numbers of machines are easiely scaleable afterwards. We will produce all that is needed for a serial production, from instructions and guidelines to molds and spare parts. Probably you know how expensive molds can be, and we need a few to build the CateWalker.

We made it happen to exist, but we are unable to scratch together the money to bring the CateWalker to a professional level with a bright and successful business future.

Probably you are asking what the video screens are for? These screens are for any kind of information and for advertising. We will build as well an internet portal so that anyone can search and see any CateWalker on duty worldwide. We also have webcams installed so that you can see live what happens in the hot spot of your choice. You can also send a video message to any CateWalker of your choice, letting the world know what you think.

In the future we will have a mobile phone app for free download, so that you can find any CateWalker that is on duty or that informs you, if a CateWalker is in reach. But first of all... we need to make it a serial product!

You want to be part of this? JOIN US!

Now here are some impressions of what we did the last years:

 First sketches (2006)
 Design prototype, 3D construction (2007/2008)
 Design prototype photoshoot (2008)
3D construction technical prototype (2008/2009)
First pieces of the technical hand made (!!!) prototype (2009)


...and at the end, this prototype worked and brewed espresso by espresso without any problems. The biggest mistake I have made was, that I drank the first 46 brews immediately to check the taste. The taste was brilliant, but afterwards my heart performance went up like Speedy Gonzales on Red Bull :-)

You will find a video of the first public appearance on our Facebook profile.

So this is what we did the last years. Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think about all of that. We love to communicate with you but have in mind, that probably a huge feedback could force us to need some time to answer. But we will answer ALL serious mails, that's a promise!